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We design strategies to answer meaningful questions and tell important stories.


Aspect Research + Evaluation creates opportunities to reflect, demonstrate outcomes, and improve program design.

Bringing expertise in equitable learning environments in STEM, place-based, and sustainability education, we partner with organizations to design and carry out evaluation strategies that are useful for program providers and our community.



We'll work with you to identify your big questions, tell your program stories, demonstrate your success to your community, and identify opportunities for program improvement. We'll build a learning agenda, develop a tailored approach to coordinated evaluation activities, and package your stories to be shared with others.



Get our expert advice on internal evaluations, existing tools, equitable evaluation strategies, and next steps.



We'll lend our analysis skills to your existing data to draw meaningful and actionable conclusions to share with your community. We'll set up easy to use data protocols that save time and budget later.



How can program evaluation and assessment help support teachers and students with the Next Generation Science Standards?

Our expertise in evaluating teacher professional development and writing three-dimensional student assessments will support your learning goals and inform program improvements.


Since Aspect Research + Evaluation began in 2009, we’ve partnered with organizations that aim to provide more equitable experiences in STEM, place-based, and environmental education. On every project we undertake with nonprofits, research teams, and educational institutions, our most important objective is to develop a plan that works for our partners and their stakeholders.
Below are some examples of the projects we’ve worked on.

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Pacific Lutheran University

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Shelley served as a dynamic thought partner and colleague to support PEI's mission, and specifically the climate education work with teachers, students, and other community partners.  During my time working with Shelley, I was impressed with her ability to ask in depth questions, meaningfully analyze data, help others visualize data and craft engaging three-dimensional science assessments for K-12 students. Shelley is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team, project, or program.

Hattie Osborne
Pacific Education Institute

Shelley has collaborated with our professional development team at IslandWood to engage teachers in deep learning about anti-racist, localized science instruction in their classrooms. As an external evaluator for our K-12 professional development courses, Shelley serves as an enthusiastic thought partner in expanding beyond “equity” to better understand how teachers think about their own antiracist practices, their roles in antiracist education, and how historically white-led environmental education organizations can combat racism to stand with those fighting for justice. Shelley provides meaningful and timely summaries of teacher and student perspectives which continue to inform our program design and internal processes for addressing anti-racist science teaching. Through Shelley’s collaboration, we have been able to measure and strengthen our impact, and I look forward to working with her many more times in the future!

Laura Brown

For years, I was able to observe evaluation and research-related projects that Shelley was involved in throughout Washington State. In every case, I was wowed by the guidance she provided and the tools and products she created. When I had an opportunity to work with her, I was thrilled. From the moment our work began, Shelley gave 100%. Her insight, creativity, and ability to understand and measure the complexities of our education system were invaluable assets to our program, our participants, and our staff professionally and personally. In addition, the evaluation plans she wrote within our funding proposals received the highest possible marks. I highly recommend working with Shelley and look forward to our future collaborations.

Claudia Ludwig


Shelley has played a critical role in evaluating our programs and initiatives. One of her many strengths is asking questions that not only inform her evaluation work, but also help shape our thinking about program design. Her thorough data analyses and crystal-clear visualizations are digestible and actionable for everyone from teachers to organizational leaders.

Tana Peterman

Washington STEM

I have worked with various researchers and evaluators in my 20 years in the field, and Shelley's work consistently stands out for her thoughtful approach backed by up-to-date research, high quality and attention to detail and responsiveness, meeting deadlines and keeping me on track. Shelley is the professional that every organization would be lucky to work with and I have no reservations whatsoever in giving her my highest recommendation.

Sara Gersten-Rothenberg

Triangle Associates

Shelley did an outstanding job with the evaluation for one of Washington State's MSP projects that I oversee as state coordinator. She worked collaboratively with the project team and created a Summary Report that was exceptional. It was clear, organized, and told the story of the impacts from the project work.

Amber McCulloch

Puget Sound Educational Service District

(formerly with OSPI)

We wouldn’t have met any of our goals without Dr Stromholt. From data collection design to analysis and project planning, Shelley gave us new ways to think about what we were trying to accomplish AND gave us the tools to do it. She was especially insightful in developing research synopses that combined many kinds of data into a cohesive story. So much so that we turned that work into a publication that is central to what we want to do going forward. Aspect R+E is part of every grant application I write.

Ben Wiggins

Shoreline Community College


We acknowledge that Aspect Research + Evaluation is located on unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish People. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish people, past and present, who have been stewards of this land since time immemorial.

We stand in solidarity with First Peoples of this land by paying a monthly “Real Rent”. All funds go directly to Duwamish Tribal Services to support the revival of Duwamish culture and the vitality of the Duwamish Tribe.


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