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We design strategies to answer meaningful questions and tell important stories.


Aspect Research + Evaluation creates opportunities to reflect, demonstrate outcomes, and improve program design.


Bringing expertise in equitable learning environments in STEM, place-based, and sustainability education, we partner with organizations to design and carry out evaluation strategies that are useful for program providers and our community.



We'll work with you to build your organization's culture of learning, complete with a Learning Agenda. We'll identify your big questions, build internal processes, and use findings to tell your program stories in order to demonstrate your success to your community, and identify opportunities for organizational growth + improvement.



We'll work with you to determine your community needs and program goals, design effective and equitable evaluation activities, and package your stories to be shared back to the community, the program team, and funders. 



Get our expert advice on internal evaluations, existing tools, equitable evaluation strategies, and next steps. We'll lend our analysis skills to streamline your data collection strategies, examine your existing data to draw meaningful and actionable conclusions, and set up easy to use data protocols that save time and budget later.


Since Aspect Research + Evaluation began in 2009, we’ve partnered with organizations that aim to provide more equitable experiences in STEM, place-based, and environmental education. On every project we undertake with nonprofits, research teams, and educational institutions, our most important objective is to develop a plan that works for our partners and their stakeholders. Below are some examples of the projects we’ve worked on.


Pacific Lutheran University

Aspect Research + Evaluation has played a critical role in evaluating our programs and initiatives. One of her many strengths is asking questions that not only inform her evaluation work, but also help shape our thinking about program design. Her thorough data analyses and crystal-clear visualizations are digestible and actionable for everyone from teachers to organizational leaders.

Tana Peterman

Washington STEM

I have worked with various researchers and evaluators in my 20 years in the field, and Shelley's work consistently stands out for her thoughtful approach backed by up-to-date research, high quality and attention to detail and responsiveness, meeting deadlines and keeping me on track. Shelley is the professional that every organization would be lucky to work with and I have no reservations whatsoever in giving her my highest recommendation.

Sara Gersten-Rothenberg

Triangle Associates

Aspect Research + Evaluation did an outstanding job with the evaluation for one of Washington State's MSP projects that I oversee as state coordinator. Shelley worked collaboratively with the project team and created a Summary Report that was exceptional. It was clear, organized, and told the story of the impacts from the project work.

Amber McCulloch

Puget Sound Educational Service District

(formerly with OSPI)

We wouldn’t have met any of our goals without Dr Stromholt. From data collection design to analysis and project planning, Shelley gave us new ways to think about what we were trying to accomplish AND gave us the tools to do it. She was especially insightful in developing research synopses that combined many kinds of data into a cohesive story. So much so that we turned that work into a publication that is central to what we want to do going forward. Aspect R+E is part of every grant application I write.

Ben Wiggins

Shoreline Community College


We acknowledge that Aspect Research + Evaluation is located on unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish People. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish people, past and present, who have been stewards of this land since time immemorial.


We stand in solidarity with First Peoples of this land by paying a monthly “Real Rent”. All funds go directly to Duwamish Tribal Services to support the revival of Duwamish culture and the vitality of the Duwamish Tribe.

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